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Mistral SUP Inflatable Kailua Fitness 11'5 2014

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Mistral SUP Inflatable Kailua Fitness 11'5 2014

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Kailua Fitness SUP                               

All over the world there is a burgeoning fitness market with an ever increasing amount of fitness studios and people practising fitness each year. In order to support the latest fitness development - working out in nature with plenty of fresh air in Spring or Summer time – we now have the perfect fitness solution for you. The new Mistral Kailua Fitness SUP Board offers a totally new experience of fitness workouts in an exciting surrounding - the water!

From fitness workouts to yoga practise, for more intense workouts you can transform the Mistral Kaliua 11‘5 to a proper fitness exercise machine, just as you would find it in your fitness studio.
The compact, balanced design of the Mistral Kaliua 11‘5 suits either lightweight or heavier paddlers who want to combine pure stand up paddling fun with fitness workouts. The wide outline and voluminous standing area and tail provide unmatched stability and guarantees a perfect platform for all kind of fitness workouts and yoga exercises. The Mistral Kailua 11‘5 is equipped with a new innovative Mistral all-round elastic band system which can be fixed on multiple tie-down points. This transforms the board to a great exercise machine. On top of that there is a paddle attachment system and exercise friendly full EVA deck pad.

Länge: 350 cm                      
Breite: 84 cm
Dicke: 15 cm
Volumen: 290 L
Gewicht: 12,5 Kg
Finne: US-Box



width=312Mistral has now developed the inflatable fitness center station which is creating a whole new fitness experience on the water! It has the advantage that when there is current, the whole fitness class stays together as everybody is attached to the station, whereas the anchor will safeguard not drifting away. Perfect for fitness clubs and SUP centers and resorts who are offering classes on the water.>
The compact, balanced design of the Kailua board will suit both light weight and heavier paddlers who want to combine pure stand up paddling fun with fitness work outs. The wide outline and voluminous standing area and tail provide unmatched stability and guarantees a perfect platform for all kind of fitness workouts and yoga exercises. For fitness workouts and even for more intense workouts you can transform the Kaliua 11‘5 to a fitness exercise machine, just as you would find it in your fitness studio.
The iFitness Center Tube station is available as a 5 meter inflatable tube which you can easily connect with straps fixed onto D rings to another 5 meter Tube station. The tubes can be used alltogether or separate in parts when the classes are smaller.

Mistral makes the difference - we didn’t just design a new Mistral Fitness SUP Board, we already went one step further and invented a Fitness SUP Board which can be used as an exercise machine.

We equipped the Mistral Kailua 11‘5 with the innovative Mistral all-round elastic band system. This system allows you to fix super strong rubber bands with hooks on multiple tie-down points on the board. The tractive force of these elastic bands is easily adjustable and allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise, which is an essential point in any comprehensive training program.
• Super strong and durable rubber bands
• Heavy-duty hooks for fixing the elastic bands
• Multiple tie-down points on the board
• Adjustable tractive force of the elastic bands
• Pleasent non- slip handles

Fitness System Strap set

These rubber bands (2x 3.60 meters) include heavy-duty hooks to fix the bands onto the D- Rings with pleasant non slip handles are available in a set as an accessory.
The boards come standard with one 3,60 meter rubber band.


SUP yoga can be practiced on the Mistral Kailua Fit 11‘5 SUP board perfectly in the most serene of settings: an ocean bay, a glassy lake or even a slow-moving river. The Kailua Fit boards are exceptionally stable floating platforms and water-loving yogis will embrace SUP yoga out on the water as a practice that brings a sense of joyful freedom to an otherwise earth-bound yoga practice.

The newly developed inflatable SUP Yoga Island is perfectly suited to create a whole new yoga experience whilst on moving water when you are in a class. The anchor also here prevents the Yoga Island to drift away and each individual board can be tapped into the Island so that you can have the yoga experience together. 

SUP Yoga is a fun practice with some serious benefits. Doing yoga on a surface that is constantly in motion fires up your core muscles and strengthens muscles that aren't used in everyday pr

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